A transdisciplinary laboratory that uses co-design methodologies to develop local solutions, combining expertise in community activation to generate collective intelligence. transdisciplinar que utiliza metodologias de that uses co-design methodologies para desenvolver soluções locais, combinando expertise em ativação comunitária para gerar inteligência coletiva.

We want to promote sustainable territorial, environmental, landscape, cultural, and socioeconomic development by implementing locally-based ideas to qualify, stimulate, and enhance people and the territory in its multiple dimensions and scales.

Transformation (Regeneration)

Thinking globally with a vision of sustainable development for the natural environment, society, and the individual is the foundation for local action, which aims to minimize problems and improve contexts on a macro or micro scale.

Knowledge (Information)

It is based on reciprocal learning that we aim to empower people, qualify territories, and enrich processes. Learning about local practices and exchanging experiences with other national and international groups, debating ideas, monitoring, and recording initiatives are actions and intentions where sharing is the common spirit.

Participation (Integration)

By establishing close relationships, integrating and involving stakeholders in processes through the design of Participation, the association aims to add value, strengthen, enhance, and energize the places and contexts in which it operates.

acção local